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14: Why does Windows Remote Assistance (MSRA) report “PPAppLockdr64.dll is not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error” 0xc000428 ?

An issue can occur when running Microsoft Remote Assistance (MSRA) with the PolicyPak CSE installed and you will see the following error message.

Error message seen is below and says "PPAppLockdr64.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Error status 0xc0000428.

This is a problem with Microsoft Remote Assistance (MSRA) on Windows 10 1903 and later when the PolicyPak CSE is installed.

There are at least two simple workarounds to the problem:


Disable the PolicyPak AppLock(TM) feature in the PolicyPak CSE.

PolicyPak AppLock is the feature in PP App Manager which GRAYS or HIDES UI elements. 

(Note: PolicyPak AppLock is NOT related to Microsoft AppLocker.)

Here is the PolicyPak side workaround if you are encountering this error:

Note: In general it is NOT recommended to stop PolicyPak AppLock.


  1. Use the Windows Search to find "Exploit protection" and open exploit protection settings
  2. Click "Program settings"
  3. Then click "Add a program to customize", and choose "Add by program name"
  4. Enter "msra.exe" and click "Add"
  5. Scroll down the list of options until you find "Disable extension points"
  6. Check the "Override system settings" and set the slider to "On"
  7. Then click "Apply" to save your changes
  8. If "msra.exe" is currently running, be sure to end task on "msra.exe" using taskmanager.
  9. Now the next time "msra.exe is launched it will work properly without displaying the error.

Optional: For Workaround 2 you can use PolicyPak Scripts Manager to apply these settings to multiple computers/users via PowerShell, for steps please see the KB below:

  • 797
  • 15-Oct-2019