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18: When I use Forcepoint, Firefox takes 15 minutes to open. How can I fix this?

Forcepoint has a deadlock with regard to PolicyPak. We have reported this to Forcepoint, but they have not taken any action.

There are two possible methods to workaround, which will release the deadlock, but you will reduce PolicyPak functionality.

The reduced functionality is that when you re-launch the application, PolicyPak Application Manager will not automatically re-apply those settings again at launch time.

Therefore, in order to see, say, Firefox’s user-created CHANGED settings re-apply, then a GPupdate, PPupdate, or logoff/logon must occur instead.

Method 1:  Find the PolicyPak Application Manager Pak, like Firefox and select to UN-check this checkbox.

For each Pak you think is causing the deadlock, you must UN-check this checkbox like what’s seen here.

Additionally, if you have MULTIPLE Paks for the same application, INCLUDING, say the Firefox ABOUT:config Paks, you ALSO need to perform this same UN-check in ALL those Paks.

Method 2:  Block all applications from performing settings re-application using ADMX

This method causes a universal block to Reapply of application settings. You can try this method if the first method doesn’t operate as expected.

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  • 15-Oct-2019