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05: PolicyPak + FSLogix: The Right Browser for the Right Website

Got some websites which only render perfectly in IE or Chrome or FF? Then ROUTE the websites based upon URLs or patterns. Use FSLogix to do the MASKING of BROWSERS, and let PolicyPak do the ROUTING.

PolicyPak + FSLogix: The Right Browser for the Right Website

In the first video of PolicyPak and FSLogix, you saw me automagically set the default browser based upon the browser that FSLogix is masking or allowing through. For instance, for this user, EastSalesUser1, when I go to “,” it goes to the browser that he has, which is “Google Chrome.”

But wouldn’t it be and isn’t it important to also have the ability to go to certain websites and have the right browser open up at the right time? For instance, some websites only open up correctly in the right browser. For instance, if we were to go to “,” let’s pretend for a minute that it looked terrible inside Chrome but only worked correctly in Internet Explorer. How would you route from Chrome to Internet Explorer or from Internet Explorer to Chrome or to Edge and so on? We can do that automatically using PolicyPak Browser Router.

Here’s what we set up earlier. This is the Group Policy Object we have with the “Browser Router” stuff in it, and we set a collection for “When I have Chrome” and “When I have FF.” So it couldn’t be easier. You’re just going to add a “New Policy” and make your route.

For instance, if I want to call this “rule 1 for PP” and if I wanted to say “Wildcard,” anything with “*policypak*” in it, I want to go to “Internet Explorer.” We don’t care what browser you’re coming from. We’re going to always foist you over to “Internet Explorer.”Let’s create another “New Policy” rule. We’ll say “all things google.” We’ll say “Wildcard,” “*google*,” we want to make that go over to “Google Chrome.”

Then I’m going to throw an oddball one at. Check this out. I’m going to create a “New Policy” for “All things mozilla,” – stick with me on this one – “*mozilla*,” I want to make it go over to “Firefox.” But remember, in my world the people who have Chrome don’t have Firefox because of FSLogix, so I’m creating a route that can’t work. But don’t worry. We’ve got it covered.

Here’s the best part. You can take the routes you’ve created in one set of the world (“Copy”) and you can use them in another set of the world just like this (“Paste”). The same routes will work perfectly for people “When I have FF” and “When I have Chrome.”

But wait a second. Remember certain people aren’t going to have the right browser at the right time. No problem. Let’s go ahead and run GP Update (“gpupdate”) here. We’ll see the easy ones work first and then we’ll see the magic of the last one second. Then we’ll switch users to WestSalesUser1 who has Firefox and see the same thing happen over there. We’ll go ahead and close that out.

First, the default browser doesn’t change. We’ve already set that. No big deal. But let’s say now in this browser you went to “” We said that should only look perfect inside Internet Explorer. Watch what happens. We close the browser tab that isn’t going to work for you and we route you over to the place that does work for you, which is in our case Internet Explorer, just like that.

You can open another tab, and we said in this other tab here for instance when we go to “,” we want it to open back in the Chrome browser. So it opens it up back in the Chrome browser just like that.

We also said what happens if we were to try to go to something like Mozilla, which we don’t have Firefox? If we go to “,” don’t blink. Watch what happens. We automatically fall back into the default browser that you have set. So in that case, we just automatically route to the default browser that you have because we don’t have Firefox and as such we just route you back to the default browser.

Let’s see the same thing happen. Let me go ahead and “Sign out” here. Let’s watch what happens on WestSalesUser1. We’re logging on as “westsalesuser1” now. He only has “Mozilla Firefox,” but he has the same routes.

We can start off again in “WordPad” and we’ll go to the default. It will open up in Firefox as our starting point just to prove a point here. Sure enough, it does. When we go to “,” we want to open it up in the Internet Explorer browser. When we’re in the Internet Explorer browser or any other browser, we said that if we go to “,” we want that to open up in the Firefox browser, which it does.

Then we also said that if we were to try to go to a route that can’t exist because the browser is not there, say for instance “,” what’s going to happen? It’s going to open up in the default browser, the one that you’ve set, just like that.

So using PolicyPak and FSLogix better together what are you getting? You get the ability to hide and show the browsers of your choice and then make a route from browser to browser based on the right browser for the right website.

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  • 02-Apr-2020