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13: Why would it sometimes takes two logoffs and logons to see Start Screen or Taskbar changes?

To answer this, there are two scenarios.

Scenario 1:

  • The user has no profile at all.
  • GPOs apply SYNCHRONOUSLY but Explorer doesn’t get the signal about PolicyPak Start Screen & Taskbar.
  • This means you typically need another log off and back on to see the "now written, but not yet seen" Start Screen & Taskbar.

Scenario 2:

  • The user has a profile, but he is logged off.
  • Then the Admin makes some change to Start Menu.
  • When the User logs on, because policies are applied asynchronously, the end-user missed the chance to apply those to Explorer. So, you see the result at the next logon because the Start Screen & Taskbar policies are "now written, but not yet seen."
  • 980
  • 13-Oct-2020