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07: What are the ways I can install the PolicyPak Cloud Client on Remote Machines?

There are a few ways you can get the Cloud Client installed on your endpoints. PolicyPak Cloud doesn’t work unless the PolicyPak Cloud client is installed, and then at the same time, it will automatically download the CSE as well.

That being said, you might need one or more strategies to get the PolicyPak Cloud Client installed, because the installation must be performed as a local admin. Here are four strategies you can use:

  1. Before leaving On-Premises:

While the computer is still connected to the On-Premise environment, you can use PDQ deploy, SCCM or MDT to get the PolicyPak Cloud client installed.

  1. Over a VPN

If you have a software deployment tool and your Windows machine can connect via VPN, PolicyPak Cloud will install perfectly fine using remote installation tools via VPN.

Tip: You can also use PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager to enable non-Admins to be able to install the PolicyPak Cloud client themselves (provided the PolicyPak CSE is pre-installed.) See this video for more details:

  1. If the user is an admin (Not recommended)

Regardless of where the computer is located, onsite or remote as long as the user is a local administrator on the computer and has access to the PPC Client MSI installation file the user can install the PPC Client.  This isn’t recommended however, because Admins can do anything to the machine including uninstall any software or make any changes.

  1. Remote Assistance:

Regardless of where the computer is located, onsite or remote as long as the computer has internet access, and remote access or assistance enabled, you could act as a remote user with local administrator privileges on the computer can connect remotely and install the PPC Client.

  1. If the computer is enrolled in MDM:

If the computer is enrolled and managed in an MDM solution then the PPC Client MSI file can be deployed remotely to the computer.

  1. If the computer is also connected to an RMM tool:

Most RMM tools have a way to deploy other software; you could get the PPC Client MSI file deployed this way.

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  • 15-Feb-2021