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02: What is the expected behavior after a PolicyPak Script “ON/APPLY” script is modified?

Here is the expected behavior when you modify a script:

  • If a REVERT script is present, it is run.
  • Then, the newly changed ON/APPLY script is run.

These two actions will occur in the same (next) Group Policy, MDM or PolicyPak Cloud  process.

As an example:

  • You have an ON/APPLY script which deploys 7zip from \\server\share and
  • You have an OFF/REVERT script which UNINSTALLS 7Zip .. THEN
  • You change ON/APPLY script to change the location to \\server123\share123

Then the expected behavior we should see is:

  • 7zip uninstall (REVERT script is run.)
  • 7zip reinstall (Changed on script is run.)
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  • 28-Oct-2020