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When rolling out PolicyPak Cloud, the Client Side Extension does not get installed with the Cloud Client on initial rollout

When rolling out a new installation of the PolicyPak cloud endpoint software, the CSE may not get installed following the manual installation of the Cloud Client software. Any further attempts to re-install the Cloud Client have the same results.


One reason for this issue is a corrupt, incomplete, or otherwise malformed MSI of the Client Side Extension (CSE) cached on the client system. The file being present prevents it from re-downloading. The file being malformed prevents it from installing.


Review cached CSE installation file

  • In Windows Explorer, browse to folder "C:\ProgramData\PolicyPak\Downloaded Installations\PolicyPak ClientSide Extension\xx.xx.xxxx" (where xx.xx.xxxx represents the version of CSE being installed)
  • Compare size of file "PolicyPak ClientSide Extension, xx.xx.xxxx.msi" to the same file on other computers
  • The Install*.log file will only be approximately 6 KB instead of Usual 900+ KB
    • There will sometimes be multiple logs files for each attempt


To resolve this scenario:

Option 1:

Delete the malformed file and re-run the installation

  • Delete the malformed MSI (C:\ProgramData\PolicyPak\Downloaded Installations\PolicyPak ClientSide Extension\xx.xx.xxxx\ PolicyPak Client-Side Extension, xx.xx.xxxx.msi"
  • Uninstall the "PolicyPak Cloud Client"

  • Rerun the installation of the Cloud Client
  • Verify both Cloud Client and Client Side Extension are installed

Option 2:

Manually install the Client Side Extension.

Download the CSE from the PolicyPak Portal

  • Browse to the portal and sign in
  • On the Home page, download the "Latest Bits" in the form of either a ZIP or ISO file
    • Follow the prompts to complete the download.
  • Once downloaded, open or mount the file, open the "Client Side Extension (CSE)" folder and copy out the "PolicyPak Client Side Extension x??.msi"
  • Run the new MSI to install the CSE (note: can be run from anywhere, does not have to be in the cached install folder above)
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  • 29-Oct-2020