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11: FTK Imager crashes with 'Server Busy' dialog box when "Image Mounting" while running elevated

When attempting to mount an image with an elevated “FTK Imager” application, a “Server Busy” dialogue box will present itself a moment after starting to browse for the image.

When this appears, the only way to get out of this is to end the task through Task Manager.

The Fix

To get around this error, we need to deselect the “Don’t elevate Open/Save dialog” option when creating the elevation policy for the application “FTK Imager”. This is selected by default on all new policies.

This checked by default to prevent users from gaining unauthorized administrative rights through the Open/Save dialog box to their endpoint. Unchecked, you open up the possibility for a knowledgeable operator to gain administrative access to the computer. For more information in this, please refer to this KB video ->


In this case, to limit the rights the end-user could take advantage of, when the Open/Save dialog box option is deselected, changing the Action to “Run with customized token” allows you to reduce the integrity level of the process, thereby reducing the rights given to the process and, by extension, the end-user.

Under Token, set the Base Token to “Always create and use an elevated token” and Integrity level to “Medium-plus”. This will allow the application to run as desired, but not give access to the end-user to change system files.

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  • 08-Mar-2024