20: How do I uninstall PolicyPak?

You uninstall PolicyPak the same way you installed PolicyPak, but in reverse. In short, the steps are:

  • Delete GPOs which have PolicyPak licensing information.
  • Delete GPOs which have PolicyPak directives (or delete the PolicyPak entries within the GPOs.)
  • Remove the CSE from all client computers. Use Add/Remove Programs to do this manually, or use your software installation software to perform a removal.
  • Remove the PolicyPak GPMC add-on from your management stations.
  • Remove the Paks in the Central Store -or- if you used Share Based storage, remove the share and delete the Pak files.

PolicyPak doesn’t leave any “trace” on your domain, because the “directives” are contained within the GPOs.

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  • 11-Jan-2020