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01: How do I uninstall PolicyPak?

We suggest you read this all the way through before you attempt to uninstall PolicyPak.

You uninstall PolicyPak the same way you installed PolicyPak, but in reverse. In short, the steps are:

  • Delete GPOs which have PolicyPak licensing information.
  • Delete GPOs which have PolicyPak directives (or delete the PolicyPak entries within the GPOs.)
  • Remove the CSE from all client computers. Use Add/Remove Programs to do this manually, or use your software installation software to perform a removal.
  • Remove the PolicyPak GPMC add-on from your management stations.
  • Remove the Paks in the Central Store -or- if you used Share Based storage, remove the share and delete the Pak files.

PolicyPak doesn’t leave any “trace” on your domain, because the “directives” are contained within the GPOs.

That being said, if you merely delete the GPOs and/or remove the CSEs you might leave data on the machine. This might be desired or undesired. You should plan accordingly before performing the removal steps above.

In order to get revert to work, depending on the component or item type, you may need to pre-set up your revert desire IN ADVANCE.

For PolicyPak Application Manager and all Group Policy Preferences settings you need to expressly declare IN ADVANCE what the revert behavior “should be.” By default, neither PolicyPak Application Manager nor the Group Policy Preferences will automatically revert when you uninstall the Client Side Extension. You would be leaving the “last written” data behind. So, be sure to first read this.

Then, beyond that, most PolicyPak specific settings will stop working and let you continue onward. But that being said, here’s what happens when PolicyPak becomes unlicensed or the GPO no longer applies.

Finally, there is a specific cosmetic issue with regards to PolicyPak Browser Router removal and Default Browser. You can read about this aspect and the workaround here.

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  • 09-Mar-2021