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01: What are the most common questions about editing policies using the PolicyPak Cloud policy editor (instead of using the MMC to upload to PolicyPak Cloud?)

We’re happy to announce a new feature of PolicyPak Cloud where you can create and edit your own policies inside PolicyPak Cloud…without having to pre-create, then upload them.
Here are the most common questions and answers

Q: Is this all of the “Admin Templates” Windows, Control Panel, and system stuff / ADMX items I would see as if I was inside the GPMC?
A: Yes.

Q: Where are Security settings?
A: Those aren’t ADMX settings. We’re working on an editor for that too.

Q: Do I need to update my PolicyPak Cloud client or PolicyPak Cloud Client Side Extension in any way?
A: No.

Q: What versions of Office do you have ADMX settings for?
A: We have the ADMXs there for 2007 – 2016. And when 2019 comes out, we’ll update it for you automatically.

Q: How is this kept up to date?
A: We do it for you. For Windows, Office and PolicyPak ADMX settings.

Q: What about Custom ADMX, like Acrobat and Chrome? Can I upload those myself?
A: Not yet, Coming soon.

Q: Why don’t you have editors for all the other types: GPPrefs, Security, and PolicyPak Settings?
A: We’re working on them one by one.

Q: Will ALL policy types (eventually) be editable within PP Cloud?
A: Yes. That’s the goal. But one type will never be supported, PP Application Settings manager. You’ll always need some kind of admin station to make those policies, export them, then upload them.

Q: Can I edit previously uploaded PP Admin Template settings using the PP Cloud editor?
A: Yes. If you encounter trouble, please open a support ticket so we can fix that.

Q: How are USERS and GROUPS supported within ILT in cloud?
A: Basically the same way. If you know the SID of the GROUP or USER you would place it into the SID box. If the SID is not known, the ILT engine does its best to evaluate by name, but it’s not guaranteed.

Q: I have another question.
A: Great, ask it in the FORUMS please in the PP Cloud section.

Q: Why did you build this?
A: Because its awesome, and it needed to be done.

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  • 12-Apr-2019