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02: Do I need the Group Policy Compliance Reporter product if I use PolicyPak Cloud or PolicyPak MDM? (Or, how do I get delivery reports for Group Policy, Cloud or MDM directives?)

As a review… The Group Policy Compliance Reporter (PPGPCR) tells you when your on-prem Group Policy objects (GPOs) and related settings “made it” to your endpoints, and tells you if those GPOs contents matches a desired state.

What customers typically want to know is:

  1. Did my (Group Policy and PolicyPak) settings from Group Policy “make it there?”
  2. Did my (Group Policy and PolicyPak) settings from PolicyPak Cloud “make it there?”
  3. Did my (Group Policy and PolicyPak) settings from my MDM system “make it there?”

To answer question #1: Use PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter. PPGPCR can tell you “Did your Group Policy & PolicyPak settings make it there when using Group Policy as the settings delivery mechanism.” Here’s the PPGPCR page which has the demos.

To answer question #2: Use the free PolicyPak Cloud reporting tool. The PolicyPak Cloud reporting tool can tell you “Did your PolicyPak cloud directives make it there, when using PolicyPak Cloud as the settings deliver mechanism.” Here’s a demo of the included PolicyPak Cloud reporting

To answer question #3: Use your MDM service to tell you if your MSI package made it there. Example of how to learn that from Intune

So, when MIGHT you need both PolicyPak Cloud *AND* PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance reporter?

When you acquire a PolicyPak Cloud license, you can get directives from PolicyPak Cloud -or- Group Policy (or both.) [FAQ to that point]

As such, you might want to deliver some settings via PolicyPak Cloud and other settings using Group Policy. Video demo of this

In this scenario:

  • You have ON-PREM / Group Policy-based licensing, and are doing ALL OF YOUR LICENSING using PolicyPak Cloud. but then
  • You are sometimes DELIVERING settings with both Group Policy
  • You are sometimes DELIVERING settings with PolicyPak Cloud.

If you want to know “If your Group Policy delivered settings made it there” you would need to purchase and license PPGPCR for the on-prem machines.

But because you have no on-prem licenses at all, you can use PolicyPak Cloud as the LICENSING mechanism to enable the endpoints for PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance reporter… To report on the Group Policy delivered GPOs.

In PolicyPak Cloud, the on-prem PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter license will look like this… and this is a paid extra for PolicyPak Cloud.

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