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15: PolicyPak Cloud Groups CSE Updates

How do PP Cloud Groups work with regard to CSE versions? Here's how to use them.

Hi. This is Jeremy Moskowitz. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to use PolicyPak Cloud to do some small-scale tests before you do your large-scale tests and actually some other ideas around “Computer Groups.”
One of the things that you can do with PolicyPak Cloud, like I said, is to do some small-scale tests before your large-scale tests. How would you do that? The idea is that you can create “Computer Groups” and then dictate what client-side extension version is going to hit those groups.
So here are my “Test Machines” and inside “Test Machines” I have “Sub 1” and “Sub 2.” If you click on “Test Machines” and you click on “Edit group,” what you’ll see is the client-side extension version (“CSE Version.”) You can see we have typically three versions: “2010,” “2024,” and “2087” in this particular example.
Now what you may want to do is have some machines that you want to do small-scale tests on. What does that mean? Maybe “Sub 1” could be a representative machine for Customer 1, and “Sub 2” could be a representative machine for Customer 2 and so on.
What does that mean? It means you can click on here and click “Edit group” and you can dictate a specific client-side extension. Let’s go ahead and do that. I’ll go ahead and click “2024,” and I’ll click “Update.” So now “Sub 1” is 2024 and “Test Machines” is “2010.”
Let’s say everything is going great in “Sub 1” and you’re all nice and happy and you decide you want to roll out that version. You can go ahead and select “Test Machines” and “Edit group” and go to “2024,” and that would “update” “Test Machines,” “Sub 1,” and “Sub 2.”
Now if you click on “Sub 2,” we didn’t make any changes to that. But what happens when you click on “Edit group”? You’ll see it says “Not Configured,” but notice how you can’t go backward to anything earlier than “2024.” So you can either specifically dictate “2024” or “2087.”
I’ll show you again what this might look like. If you click on “Test Machines” again and click on “Edit group” and click on “2087,” then that’s it. There’s nothing else you can go past that. So the idea is that these subgroups, there’s no way for them to dictate anything except that latest version that you specified.
So in this particular way this enables you to craft an experience with groups such that you can do some small-scale tests before you roll it out to all your computers. Again, we never anticipate that PolicyPak client-side extension is going to have any problems. But that being said, it does act as part of the operating system and you should always do small-scale tests before rolling it out large scale.
Only when you feel like you’ve done your sufficient testing, then you can click on “All,” you can then click “Edit group” here, and then you can dictate that “2087” is the version that you want to use for all your computers and click “Update.”
When you do that, then all the “Computer Groups,” all the “Company Groups” will honor that because “All” is the highest one in the hierarchy. So you can see that the only one you can pick now is “2087” because the thing higher in the hierarchy is going to be using that.
Now that we’ve gone over that, the only other thing I wanted to cover in this chat is the idea of the polling interval. You can click on “Test Machines” and dictate that all of your “Test Machines” will do the “Refresh interval for computers” in “55” minutes. I’m just going to use that as an example and click “Update.”
But if you wanted to for some computers, like for the “Sub 2” computers, if you wanted those guys to do it faster for some reason, you can do that. You can make that group in particular “12” minutes. In doing so, you can have a different value for the polling interval versus the client-side extension.
I hope this helps you out to understand “Computer Groups” a little bit more. With that in mind, I hope PolicyPak is helping you be a better administrator.
Thanks so very much. Talk to you soon.

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  • 25-Mar-2020