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07: How do I elevate installers that are classified as Installers but not Applications? Like Ninite, 7z, or Self-Extract?

You’re elevating an application but it keeps giving the UAC prompt.

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager detects Application Installers by searching for default keywords in FileDescription, ProductName, OriginalFileName, InternalName or Comments from File Information.

Also, it searches for keywords in Description section from File Manifest (if exists).

Default keywords are "Setup", "Installer", "Install", "Upgrade", "Update", "SFX", "7zS", "Self-Extract"

You can extend this list by enabling the PolicyPak ADMX setting and entering required keywords. If you don’t know how to enable PolicyPak ADMX settings then see this link:

In this example we are going to show you how to set Ninite installer as an elevated Application Executable.

  1. Open Properties to view Ninite installer File Description keyword.
  1. Browse the following location under PolicyPak ADMX Setting and set it as shown in the screenshot.

Location: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\PolicyPak ADMX Settings\Client-Side Extension\Least Privilege Manager\

Settings name: Use additional keywords to detect Application Installers


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  • 09-Nov-2021