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10: What is the expected behavior on Windows 10 when you MODIFY an existing PolicyPak Scripts script?

If you modify a script using the MMC or in-cloud editor, then the compute re-processes the new script, the following will occur:

Step 1:  The  REVERT script is run, if present.

Step 2: The newly changed script is then run.

Here’s an example:

  1. If you used PolicyPak Scripts and used it to deploy 7zip from \\server\share
  2. AND you have a REVERT script to Uninstall it...
  3. THEN you change deploy script to change the location of 7Zip to \\newserver123\newshare123

Then the expected behavior should be:

Step 1: The REVERT script is run (7zip uninstalls).

Step 2: The newly changed script is then run (7zip reinstalls).

This will all occur in the same processing cycle, and should not take several GPupdates or PolicyPak Cloud syncs.

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  • 15-Feb-2021