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23: Hyperlinks in Adobe documents do not work when Browser Router is set as the Default Browser

When using Adobe, URLs in PDF documents do not open in a web browser when PolicyPak Browser Router (PPBR) is set as the default browser.

There is a Windows Defender Attack Surface Reduction Rule in place for Adobe:

Option 1: Remove the Attack Surface Reduction Rule for Adobe by deleting the rule highlighted below.

Option 2: (Recommended) Add exclusions for PolicyPak under “Exclude files and paths from Attack Surface Reduction Rules" policy.
Note: If you prefer you can block only the PPBR Agent executable instead of the entire PolicyPak folder: “C:\Program Files\PolicyPak\Browser Router\Client\PPBRAgent.exe”

Excluding the “C:\Program Files\PolicyPak” folder, (or if you prefer just “C:\Program Files\PolicyPak\Browser Router\Client\PPBRAgent.exe”) should be enough to resolve the issue with Adobe and Browser Router.


For a list of additional PolicyPak items that may need to be excluded please see the KB below:

  • 1175
  • 22-Dec-2021