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folder-icon 01: Why is Browser Router not showing up as the OS Default Browser since Feb24/March24 Monthly windows patches KB5035845? folder-icon 02: Troubleshooting routing between browsers. folder-icon 03: I'm having a "Browser Router Emergency" or some kind of critical website incompatibility. What can I do? folder-icon 04: When does PolicyPak Browser Router write v1 or v2 Enterprise Mode site lists? folder-icon 05: PPBRAgentExeIE_01.DLL error message occurs about Internet Explorer enhanced security. What should I do? folder-icon 06: PolicyPak Browser Router removes other Chrome ‘force installed’ extensions. How can I work around this? folder-icon 07: Why don’t routes work from Firefox to other browsers (in Firefox 49+) ? folder-icon 08: Why don’t routes work from IE to other browsers? folder-icon 09: Chrome and Citrix problems folder-icon 10: Why doesn’t Edge to Other browser support work as expected? folder-icon 11: Browser router doesn’t seem to work when I use a pattern, and the URL has multiple redirects. folder-icon 12: What is the Chrome Extension ID for all the published versions of PolicyPak Browser Router Client Side Extension? folder-icon 13: What does it mean when PolicyPak Browser Router gives a pop-up saying to contact support to my end-users? folder-icon 14: I see the PolicyPak Browser Router Chrome Extension is being installed, but it’s not active. What can I do? folder-icon 15: How do I revert to “Legacy Browser Router Method & Features” if directed? folder-icon 16: What is the PPBR “Keep original tab open when routing / Experimental Feature” checkbox, and why must I turn it OFF for ALL routes if I’m having trouble with ONE website? folder-icon 17: Why is my Wildcard rule not applying to top level WWW site? folder-icon 18: I’m attempting to use an older CSE but routing from Edge / Chrome to other browsers is not working. Why is this? folder-icon 19: How do I fix ""PolicyPak Browser Router Chromium Extension" was automatically disabled." message in Chrome or Edge? folder-icon 20: An older CSE isn't routing from Chrome or Edge to other browsers, because the older CSE isn't downloading the latest Chrome extension. What can I do? folder-icon 21: How can I use the only remaining PolicyPak published Chrome Extension with my older CSE? (CSE 18.7.1779.937 - 19.12.2283.849) folder-icon 22: How can I stop websites automatically routing to Edge when I expect them to be shown in IE (and/or I get an endless loop). Why is this? folder-icon 23: Hyperlinks in Adobe documents do not work when Browser Router is set as the Default Browser folder-icon 24: Why does PolicyPak PPExtensionService.exe make a call out to DNS? folder-icon 25: How to fix the Chrome / Edge Chromium launch issues? folder-icon 26: How does Browser Router function when Internet Explorer is removed from the machine? folder-icon 27: How to set "Choose which browser opens web links in Office365" so that Browser Router properly routes web links in Outlook folder-icon 28: How-to resolve the IE-Tab Issues in Edge for PolicyPak Browser Router managed URLs folder-icon 29: How to quickly troubleshoot PolicyPak Browser Router
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