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18: How to Run Microsoft Edge Once at a User's 1st Logon using Scripts and Triggers Manager

  1. Create a new Scripts and Triggers Policy on the Computer side that runs in Switched Mode or on the User side.
  2. Use the script below and be sure to check the option to run the script interactively and as the user.

  3. At the “Specify process mode” screen select “On trigger” and choose “Logon” from the drop-down, then click “Next”.

  4. At the Trigger settings” screen set a delay if desired otherwise click “Next” the skip this option.
  5. At the “Policy settings” screen give the policy a descriptive name then click “Finish”.
  6. Lastly, apply the policy, and test with a new user logon, if all goes well you will see the screen below after a successful 1st logon.

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  • 24-Feb-2022