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19: How to Create a Local Scheduled Task to Reboot a PC every day at 9 AM

  1. Create a PolicyPak Scripts policy on the computer side.

  2. When creating the Policy choose the option to Apply this policy to computer (default).

  3. Choose PowerShell from the dropdown.

  4. Then paste in the following script to the text field.


    Your policy should look similar to the one below:

  5. Skip the on revert action screen by clicking next.

  6. At the Specify process mode screen choose “Once or when forced” and then click next to continue.
  7. At the Policy settings screen give the policy a descriptive name then click Finish.

  8. You’re done, lastly, test your policy to ensure it runs as expected.

    Note: This policy will create a local scheduled task that will reboot the PC daily at 9 AM even if no one is logged into the PC.

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  • 16-Sep-2022