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09: What are the services installed by PolicyPak?

Group Policy has its own services which handle the deployment and enforcement of policy when initiated manually or on a defined interval.

You can see the Group Policy Client Service from Microsoft here. This is what downloads GPOs which may or may not contain PolicyPak data.

PolicyPak provides (via Group Policy, PolicyPak Cloud or MDM delivery) a vast array of powerful and unique policies simply not possible with Group Policy alone. Many of these unique policies must be enforced in real-time.

There are 3 “services” created by the CSE.

  • PolicyPak Helper Service (64-bit)
  • PolicyPak Watcher Service (64-bit)
  • PolicyPak Watcher Service (32-bit)

The PolicyPak services provide this real-time enforcement of policies. For instance, when you use PolicyPak to perform:

  • Setting and locking down application settings (PP Application Manager)
  • Making sure users only execute allowed applications (PP Least Priv / SecureRun).
  • Allowing users to run applications or access settings that require administrative privileges without giving them full admin privileges on their system. (PP Least Priv.)
  • Manage Java control (PP Java Rules Manager.)

The Watcher Services are for PP Application Manager. does what it implies: watches items in real-time. This implements the AppLock and some real-time enforcement.

We need three services because we support both 32 & 64 bit applications (on 64-bit machines).

The Helper Service is required and handles a variety of functions and is used across all of PP’s components. We need more services than Group Policy because we do much more than Group Policy can by itself.

The Group Policy service from Microsoft simply downloads and applies GPOs and passes the data onward to a corresponding Client Side Extension.

PolicyPak’s components are also architected as Client Side Extensions; but CSEs cannot continue to perform duties in real-time; only services can. Therefore, PolicyPak has some services to watch over and perform items in realtime.

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