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03: Which PolicyPak emails can / can’t I opt out of ?

PolicyPak sends emails from time to time to keep you updated about learning opportunities as well as technical and security updates.

As a Primary or Secondary on the PolicyPak account, you may opt in or out of the following emails:

  • Every Monday: Schedule for this week’s 20 minute Deep Dive Demo learnings.
  • Every Friday: New Knowledge Base articles, Tips and Tricks, Videos, and ‘PolicyPak in the news’.
  • As it happens: Portal Updates for Paks, Manuals, minor or major updates.
  • As it happens: Tips and Tricks from

What you cannot opt out of are the following types of emails:

  • Direct emails from our team members.
  • Automated emails with passwords resets / portal information / license information.
  • Major Client Side Extension update announcements.
  • Any security concerns.
  • Renewal-time emails before you expire (which start 90 days before you expire.)
  • General announcements and requests (like survey requests, etc.)

You may use the login, then select Your Profile to choose to opt out of SOME emails.

If, after un-selecting the items below, you still want to receive LESS email, then you will need to establish another email address and use that.

We at PolicyPak have a responsibility for ensuring that some communications get to you, and agree to do our best. It’s up to you if you wish to actively block these emails.

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  • 15-Apr-2019