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folder-icon 01: How can use Item Level Targeting to apply a Group Policy Preferences or PolicyPak item when the user is NOT a member of Domain Admins and also is not a member of the local Admin group? folder-icon 02: Is the “Security Group” Item Level Targeting (ILT) option recursive or not? folder-icon 03: Which PolicyPak emails can / can’t I opt out of ? folder-icon 04: How can I use Item Level Targeting to specify a specific Windows 10 build and/or LTSC/LTSB? folder-icon 05: How can I fix MMC display problems when my admin console uses high DPI? folder-icon 06: How do I make an Item Level Target for Server 2016 or Server 2019 (on-prem, MDM or PolicyPak Cloud?) ? folder-icon 07: How can I use Item Level Targeting to query Azure AD Groups? folder-icon 08: Can I use both PolicyPak On Premise mode and PolicyPak Cloud simultaneously? Do they clash? folder-icon 09: How does PolicyPak perform Folder Redirection or OneDrive Known Folder Move (KFM) with PolicyPak Group Policy, PolicyPak MDM or PolicyPak Cloud? folder-icon 10: Can I embed the PolicyPak Client Side Extension and/or PolicyPak Cloud client into a master image for VDI, MDT, Ghost, Citrix, etc? folder-icon 11. Which components within the PolicyPak product family will work with what operating system? folder-icon 12: How do I get Azure AD SIDs and use them with Item Level Targeting? folder-icon 13: How does PolicyPak handle STIGs and/or CIS Benchmarks and/or other 3rd party Advice? folder-icon 15: Are the services installed with PolicyPak required? Can I disable them if I’m only using a single component? folder-icon 16: Which Windows Client and Server are currently supported by PolicyPak? folder-icon 16: Windows 10 (and Server) Event Logs to Azure Log Analytics Walkthru folder-icon 17: How can I use Item Level Targeting to specify Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) Multi-session Windows? folder-icon 18: List of PolicyPak Event Categories and IDs folder-icon 19: How do I make an Item Level Target for Windows 10 or Windows 11 endpoints folder-icon 20: SYSPREP error with PolicyPak Client-Side Extension
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