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01: Where is my PolicyPak Preferences Component license and how do I request one?

Starting June 2017, the PolicyPak Preferences component is available only upon request.

It’s still part of what you paid for, and you can ask for it at anytime.
But why is not included since June 2017? Well, PolicyPak Preferences (PPPrefs) is typically not needed for on-premise scenarios.
And because PPP calls the operating system in a way that can sometime be unreliable, we are making it an upon-request license.

You might ask “When would I NEED the PPP license” Here are the scenarios for which you should request a PPPrefs license:

  1. You want to use PolicyPak over MDM. (This is automatically included when we issue an MDM license.)
  2. You want to deliver user-side-only Microsoft’s GPPreferences items to computers (like what’s seen in this video).
  3. You want to deliver GPPrefs items using SCCM or some other non-GP method.

In those cases, or if you think you have another case, then open a support ticket and we can get it to you.

It would be helpful in your email to let us know the circumstance in which you plan to use PPPrefs.

Then, because introducing PPPrefs can sometimes have unexpected OS integreation issues, we suggest you gradually roll out your PPPrefs license affecting only several machines at a time.

If you do encounter a problem, simply remove the PPPrefs license and any GP + PP + Preferences issues should go away.

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  • 01-Apr-2024