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07: How to enable and start a service using Group Policy Preferences

  1. Create a new GPO for Group Policy Preferences
  2. Select Computer Configuration > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Services
  3.  Right-click on Services and choose New > Service

  1. Under the General tab set the “Startup:” to “Automatic” then click the ellipsis under “Service Name:” then select the service you would like to enable.

In this example, I selected the RPC service.

  1. Under “Service action:” select “Start service”
  1. Under the Recovery tab, select “Restart the Service” for all 3 recovery options, then select “OK”.

  1. Now apply the GPO to the Computer OU where the computers live where you want this setting and the next time GPUPDATE runs the service will be enabled.
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  • 28-May-2021