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05: Are there any special PolicyPak licensing issues for virtual desktops?

This depends on what kind of virtual desktops they are:

  1. Session Based / Citrix Shared machines can only be licensed when the customer is PolicyPak Enterprise Edition or PolicyPak Professional Edition and the Citrix licenses are accounted for.
  2. Same with Windows Virtual Desktop (if using Multi-session Windows). Those sessions each count as ONE license.
    For our FAQ on this, see:
  3. However, full VDI single-session desktops are licensed in the same manner as physical desktops. From a licensing perspective, there is no difference between the two. If there’s a computer account in Active Directory, and it’s active, it counts your PolicyPak licensing. In this case you may use it with PolicyPak SaaS / Cloud.
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  • 08-Mar-2021