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01: How are Terminal Services and/or Citrix connections licensed?

To be in compliance with PolicyPak licensing, you must express the number of inbound Terminal Server or Citrix inbound connections you are licensed for.

For instance, if you want to use PolicyPak Group Policy Edition with Terminal Services and/or Citrix, and you have a farm with 3 servers and 250 inbound connections, you must license all the inbound connections (250) as if they were counted in Active Directory.

Therefore to be fully compliant, you would license the number of computers in Active Directory plus the inbound Terminal Server and/or Citrix inbound connections. If you don’t wish to run PolicyPak Group Policy Edition on your Terminal Services or Citrix machines these inbound connections do not need to be declared at purchase time.

For example scenarios of how to license PolicyPak Group Policy Edition with Citrix and/or Terminal Services, please see this page.

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  • 07-Mar-2021