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04: What must I show to prove my current RDS and/or Citrix or other Multi-Session windows concurrent license count for PolicyPak Cloud (or if on-prem LT cannot auto-discover them)?

It is optional to license RDS and/or Citrix XenApp and/or Citrix XenDesktop connections for use with PolicyPak. When you install the PolicyPak CSE upon an RDS or Citrix XenApp server or within Citrirx XenDesktop you must pay for every connection.

Said another way, if one Citrix server can handle 100 inbound connections, that would require a declaration of 100 PolicyPak licenses. You can learn more about how we count licenses for any kind of multi-session Windows here

On-Prem / Active Directory Notes

If you do choose to enable those locations for use with PolicyPak, you need to first try to use our LT tool to learn about your Citrix and RDS licenses. But if the PolicyPak LT tool cannot discover them, you will likely hear from our sales team asking what the accurate count is. This document will help you through that.

PolicyPak Cloud Notes

When the PolicyPak Cloud client is installed on an RDS or Citrix machine, there is no way to know how many licenses should be claimed. PolicyPak Cloud sees the install as “one license” when in reality, one RDS or Citrix machine could be handling 10, 25 or 100 inbound connections.

Therefore in both cases on-prem and PolicyPak Cloud, you need to declare how many RDS or Citrix licenses you will actually use.

Then, what you’ll pay for in PolicyPak Cloud looks like this:

  • Actual monthly or yearly usage (for desktop and laptops.)
  • All the RDS or Citrix connections as if ALL were being used.

For example, if you were a PolicyPak Cloud monthly customer with 500 laptops (but 222 in use) and two Citrix servers which would handle 100 incoming connections, your monthly cost would be:

  • 222 licenses (for your laptops which are in use) and
  • 100 licenses for your two Citrix servers (even if you are not using all the connections all month.)

Once you understand the licensing model, there are two ways to get us what we need:

Option 1: Microsoft RDS licensing tool
Option 2: Citrix License Admin Console

If you choose option 1, please take this screenshot and return it back:

Tip: In this example this would be counted as 50 + 50 or 100 concurrent RDS licenses.

If you choose option 2, please take this screenshot and return it back:

Tip: In this example the count of licenses would be 10 (Presentation) + 10 (XenDesktop System) + 10 (User) or 30 concurrent licenses.

Therefore, wherever you pay EITHER Microsoft OR Citrix, PolicyPak also gets paid a license (whichever is HIGHER if one is higher.)

Tip: If you purchased or acquired EITHER Microsoft Volume License keys -or- got your keys from the Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Program, you might find that these licenses show up as 500 licenses purchased instead of the actual quantity you purchased. In this case PolicyPak License Request Tool (LT) will think you have purchased 500 licenses, where you might have bought only 10, 20, etc.

If this is your situation, simply express the raw number of purchased licenses to your sales or renewals person.

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