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03: Why must I run LT from a Windows Server if I want to properly count Citrix / Terminal Services / RDS connections?

When you license Citrix / Terminal Services / RDS, you purchase “keypak licenses” in blocks of 50 from Microsoft and Citrix and apply them to your servers.

PolicyPak LT attempts to read these keypak files and report on your maximum inbound connections. In short, LT can only look for these “Keypack licenses” when running on a Windows server and not a Windows client machine. That is what this message is about.

Also note: Sometimes LT can acquired the correct number of RDS connections, and sometimes it cannot.

To be compliant with our EULA, if the count returned by LT shows ZERO or otherwise fails to acquire the number of Citrix / Terminal Services / RDS licenses, you must manually declare them to your sales representative.

There are also multiple ways the PolicyPak On-Prem suite can be licensed for Citrix. For understanding all the scenarios, please see the following additional technotes:

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  • 07-Mar-2021