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11: How do I turn on Debug logging if asked?

Debug logging might be required by the PolicyPak technical team, and goes beyond standard logging.
To turn on Debug logging:

  1. Please add a registry key in
    as REG_DWORD called DefaultVerbose and set it to 0xFFFFFFFF as seen in this screenshot.

  2. Then Reboot. (Very important.)
  3. You know you’ll have done it right, when special Debug messages appear in the logs likeBRExtension::dtoras seen here. For instance, check%programdata%PolicyPakPolicyPakBrowserRouterppService.logand look to see its been done correctly.

  4. After that, reproduce the problem, and run PPLOGS as seen in Step 3 here and attach to your support case.
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  • 09-Mar-2021