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07: PolicyPak ARM Support Supportability Statement
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As of build 23.11, PolicyPak generally support the ARM family of processors when used alongside Windows 11 Home or Pro editions. This support includes the PolicyPak CSE, the PolicyPak MMC console, Licensing Tool, an all Extras tools (except for PolicyPak DesignStudio.)


Note: ARM support will generally ship 4 times per year, and lag somewhat behind normal builds. The latest ARM build will always be in the download so you’ll never need to guess which one is latest.


Note: PolicyPak Cloud Client installers for ARM processors is expected in early 2024.

Note that there are a variety of ARM processors. ARM processors are capable of running the following application types:

  • ARM64 Applications
  • ARM32 Applications
  • X64 Applications via emulation
  • X32 Applications via emulation

First note ARM processors emulate X64 and X32 applications via Emulation.

Note that ARM32 applications may or may not be able to be run based upon the processor you are using. For instance, in this example, a Surface Pro X can run c:\windows\SysArm32\Calc.exe, but a Mac M1 cannot run that same problem (both examples are below.)

As such when PolicyPak CSE is installed we wont install some components which won’t apply when the processor is detected unable to run ARM32 applications.

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