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10: Firefox: How can I deliver Certificates to “Certificate Authority” store and select “websites”, “mail users” and “software makers”?

When using PolicyPak, you can deliver Certificates to various Firefox stores.

If you deliver a certificate to the ROOT store, then the following checkboxes are always pre-checked upon delivery by PolicyPak.

However, if you deliver a certificate to the CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY (CA) store, then NONE of these checkboxes are checked for you.

The standard syntax to deliver a cert to the CA store using PolicyPak would be:


But, as stated, this does not check the three checkboxes for selecting:

  • “websites”,
  • “mail users” and
  • “software makers.”

You can do this with the CA store using a different syntax. The modified syntax would be as follows, and please note there are comas and semi colons and the syntax must be exact (and the cert must still be in BINARY DER format).


Here is the explanation:


Server & Share, Cert, Number of Days to check.. then…


Where websites-trust, mail-users-trust and software-makers-trust can be null or one of the following letters:

p    prohibited (explicitly distrusted)

P    Trusted

c    Valid CA

T    Trusted CA to issue client certificates (implies c)

C    Trusted CA to issue server certificates (SSL only) (implies c)

u    Certificate can be used for authentication or signing

w    Send warning (use with other attributes to include a warning when the certificate is used in that context)

Some examples:

C;C;C – Root CAs for websites, mail users and software makes

C;;C – Root CA for websites and software makers. Note, this specifically does NOT specify a flag for “mail users.”

C;; – Root CA for websites only

;;c – CA for software makers only

P;; – a trusted certificate for websites

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