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folder-icon 01: Admin Console (Item Level Targeting): Why would I want to bypass Internal (pre-defined) Item Level Targeting? folder-icon 02: Chrome: How to Configure Chrome HomePage using Application Manager folder-icon 03: Chrome: How do I manage certificates with Google Chrome? folder-icon 04: Chrome Policies don’t appear to work when using PolicyPak Cloud. folder-icon 05: Chrome: How do I manage the Proxy settings for Google Chrome? folder-icon 06: Chrome: How do I block Local File access to Google Chrome with PolicyPak? folder-icon 07: Chrome: Why do I have extra tabs appear when I open Chrome on an endpoint? folder-icon 08: Chrome: Why Homepage button URL is not working for Google Chrome? folder-icon 08: Firefox: How do I make Application Settings Manager work with Firefox 115 and later (and how do I transition existing settings? folder-icon 09: Firefox: How do I troubleshoot adding Certificates with PolicyPak and Firefox? folder-icon 10: Firefox: How can I deliver Certificates to “Certificate Authority” store and select “websites”, “mail users” and “software makers”? folder-icon 11: Firefox: How can I prevent both automatic AND manual updates for Firefox? folder-icon 12: Firefox: How can I use PolicyPak to revert Firefox’s Options back to the “Old Style” ? folder-icon 13: Firefox: How do I use the NTLM passthru (URIS) settings in the Firefox / about:config AppSets? folder-icon 14: Firefox: What versions of the PolicyPak CSE support managing certificates in what versions of Firefox? folder-icon 15: Firefox: Can I enable / disable add-ons for Firefox? folder-icon 16: Firefox: Can I deliver, manage and/or revoke certificates directly to Firefox? folder-icon 17: Can I use Security.enterprise_roots.enabled as an alternate method for FF + Certificates? folder-icon 18: Firefox (and Java and Thunderbird): Why can’t I seem to find (or perform) UI lockdown for Firefox, Java or Thunderbird ? folder-icon 19: Firefox: Is PolicyPak compatible with the Frontmotion packaged MSI version of Firefox? folder-icon 20: Firefox: Is PolicyPak compatible with Firefox when installed to non-standard (and portable) locations? folder-icon 21: Firefox: Is PolicyPak compatible with Firefox ESR? folder-icon 22: Firefox: How do I set “Allow Now”, “Allow and Remember” or “Block Plugin” as plug-ins are requested? folder-icon 23: Firefox: How do I stop the “Firefox automatically sends some data to Mozilla so that we can improve your experience” message? folder-icon 24: Firefox: How can I fix Dark Theme / Firefox 56 when using PolicyPak ? folder-icon 25: Firefox: Why doesn’t the Firefox Applications Handler function work as expected? folder-icon 26: Firefox: Why don’t I see Bookmarks and Pop-Ups settings set when user has NEVER run Firefox before? folder-icon 27: HowTo: What do I do if I find a problem with a preconfigured AppSet? folder-icon 28: HowTo: One of my AppSet entry’s settings is not getting delivered on target machines. What should be the first thing to look into? folder-icon 29: HowTo: Which "side" of GPO should I deploy AppSets to: User or Computer side? folder-icon 30: Internet Explorer: I’m trying to use IE 11’s Enterprise Mode, but it doesn’t appear to be working? folder-icon 31: Internet Explorer: Can I enable / disable add-ons for Internet Explorer? folder-icon 32: Internet Explorer: Can I deliver, manage and/or revoke certificates directly to Internet Explorer? folder-icon 33: Internet Explorer: How do I deploy custom settings to zones? folder-icon 34: Internet Explorer: When should I use Compatibility mode vs. Enterprise Mode for IE 11? folder-icon 35: Internet Explorer: Why don’t HTTP sites get added to the Trusted Site list? folder-icon 36: Internet Explorer: Why does IE fail to launch after I apply ACL lockdown or all of the IE AppSet STIG settings? folder-icon 38: Internet Explorer: Why Internet Explorer is not launching after I apply “Perform ACL Lockdown”? folder-icon 39: Java: Using the Pre-configured AppSet for Java, how do I prevent “Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern.” Pop up? folder-icon 40: Java: How to disable prompt “Your Java version is out of date.”? folder-icon 41: Java: How to disable prompt “You Java version is insecure”? folder-icon 42: Java: How to disable Java prompt “Do you want to run this application?” folder-icon 43: Java: How to disable User Account Control prompt for Java Auto Updater? folder-icon 44: Java: How to disable Task tray notification balloon events? folder-icon 45: Java: I don’t see that any changes are working at all. What can I try first? folder-icon 46: Java: Java Site List Exceptions just stopped working. What can I do to fix this? folder-icon 47: Other: What is “Internal (pre-Defined)” Item Level Targeting? folder-icon 48: Other: Is “Internal Item-Level Targeting” on by default? folder-icon 49: Other: I added a AppSet and some items are grayed out / not available. In other AppSets, everything seems available. What’s happening? folder-icon 50: AppSets: Why are there some areas of the pre-configured AppSet greyed out or not accessable? folder-icon 51: AppSets: Why do some AppSets have pre-defined Item Level Targeting for an EXACT version number, and others say “Version 7 to 99” (or similar)? folder-icon 52: AppSets: What is the official support policy for the pre-configured AppSets? folder-icon 53: AppSets: How will I know that an existing AppSet will work with the version of the application I have today (and tomorrow)? folder-icon 54: AppSets: How often do the AppSets for specific apps get updated?
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