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20: Firefox: Is PolicyPak compatible with Firefox when installed to non-standard (and portable) locations?

PolicyPak Application Manager will APPLY settings AND keep them re-applying when Firefox launches .. no matter where Firefox is installed or run from… provided that Firefox stores its settings in Appdata.

If Firefox is writing to a location OTHER than AppData, then PolicyPak may not be able to find the Firefox profile and then write to that location.

Meanwhile, PolicyPak Application Manager has extra magic for Firefox, like UI Lockdown and enhanced support like Certificates and Bookmarks which ONLY works when Firefox is PROPERLY installed to Program Files.. and not anywhere else.

Therefore the most common cases and scenarios are:

  • If you install Firefox “properly” (to Program Files), you can deliver settings AND perform UI lockdown.
  • If they install Firefox to their own profile, you can deliver settings, but miss the opportunity to perform UI lockdown.
  • If they run a “portable” version of Firefox which has no install AND stores nothing in the users’ profile, you typically cannot deliver settings or perform UI lockdown.
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  • 22-Mar-2019